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Mike Graham – The vision and what Click Flow is about

Mike’s journey started in Nelson where he found himself doing digital marketing work for a local business. They wanted to grow their client base and contracted him to help them. They did not have any digital marketing integration processes, but over time Mike built their digital marketing customer journey into what is now, a business that has grown over 30 times in comparison! For him it wasn’t only about seeing his clients achieve results, but also about the buzz he got from seeing his clients succeed!

Mike started his career in sales and later transitioned over to hospitality in Perth, and later Nelson. After many years in the hospitality industry, and with a young family, Mike decided to change to a career that is more family oriented. Soon realising he had a natural aptitude for digital marketing, with the combination of his analytical and creative thinking, Mike ventured into digital marketing. After years of expanding his skill set and meeting other like-minded people in the digital marketing industry, Mike decided to start his own business. The focus was on Google Ads, where creativity and analytics come together.

After a few years of growing his client’s businesses with Google Ads, it made sense for Mike to expand and grow in the digital marketing field and offer his clients additional services. The biggest motivator for Mike to start Click Flow was that he would be working with his mates. These are the amazing people Mike has met over the years through his digital marketing journey, and who share his passion and work ethic. How does it feel to work alongside friends in your own business? In Mike’s own words: “It’s a dream working with people I like!”

For Mike there is nothing quite like watching his clients’ businesses succeed and flourish, knowing that the Click Flow team played a part in making that happen.


Our Team

Mike Graham

Mike Graham

Owner, Google Ads & Account Management

Leigh Becker

Leigh Becker

Websites & Graphic Design

Chantel de Ru

Chantel de Ru

Copywriting, Blogs & Newsletters

Dave Moloney

Dave Moloney

Social Media Management

Nat Brown

Nat Brown

SEO and Marketing Strategy

Our Values

Our commitment goes beyond just delivering services; we’re dedicated to your success. Let’s build a partnership where your growth is the true measure of our success.




Honesty and transparency are at the core of what we do—we’ll always be upfront with you. If we believe a strategy won’t yield the results you deserve, we’re not afraid to say so.

Results Focused

Our promise is to do what we say, reviewing results and always improving, ensuring your investment translates into tangible benefits for your business.

No Contracts

We thrive on trust and flexibility. Our “contracts” are a handshake, giving you the freedom to adapt or part ways as your needs evolve. Your journey’s twists and turns reflect in our collaboration and costs. Freedom and flexibility aren’t just words—they’re our promise to you.


We embrace innovation and continuously seek out new ideas and technologies to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape. By harnessing the latest tools and trends, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive results for our clients.


We view our client relationships as partnerships, working together towards common goals. We value collaboration and actively seek input and feedback from our clients to ensure that our strategies align with their vision and objectives.

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